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This Year's Model


The cigarette case might be the perfect accessory. It’s palm-sized, functional, and leaves lots of room for cool design touches. The only problem: As you may have heard, those things’ll kill you.

But there may be a replacement in the works. These slim leather-and-steel hard drives from Brinell fill the same empty spot in your jacket pocket, but they manage to fit 160 to 500GB in there. That means that instead of a pack of Nat Shermans, you’ll be carrying around your resumé, Miles Davis’ first eight albums, and the entire third season of The Sopranos with a little room left over for any crucial Flickr pics you may run across. Not bad for a trinket.

The Black Box


We’ve gotten lucky with the latest batch of smart phones, but don’t be fooled: Good-looking tech is in extremely short supply. And while external hard drives are finding their way onto more and more desks, this is the only one we’ve seen that won’t throw off your modernist feng shui.

LaCie has named it the Little Disk, but the design comes courtesy of British industrial designer Sam Hecht, moonlighting from his day job at Muji—which might explain the Japanese simplicity at work. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is drooling.