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No Hang-Ups

  • Najib Benouar

Clothes hangers. They’re everywhere: men’s shops, trade shows, your closet...

Yet, for whatever reason, they’ve been overlooked for years as merely wire-and-wood triangles that keep your fineries off the floor. Until we saw this snap from NotCouture of hangers made from repurposed golf clubs. It’s pretty ingenious stuff from Rag and Bone Man (not to be confused with the non-human clothing label), and it’s got us wanting more hanger innovation. The double-breasted hanger cannot be far behind.

The Hook

hotel coat hangers

Here’s a good idea from another Old & New alum: hotel coat hangers. Of course, if you want to actually fit them into your closet, you’ll have to work up some sort of impromptu hook from a few spare wire hangers—but once you’ve made it, you’ll be able to drape your jacket over a genuine piece of 1950s kitsch. And if you’re expecting any light-fingered houseguests…

A Well-Sized Hanger


The expansion of bespokery is old news by now, but it’s reaching to areas that never occurred to us. For instance, that maple wand in your closet could probably stand to be a bit more customized.

The Hanger Project is making a play at setting up the luxury wooden hanger market by offering wooden suit hangers made to measure. It’s a familiar idea to anyone versed in the art of the shoe tree, but it’s still a welcome addition to our sartorial arsenal.

They’re a bit expensive, but so was your suit, and there’s no point in letting it spend its days on shoulders that are narrower than yours.

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