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We don’t get the opportunity to write about women’s wear much at Kempt.

And today, that... stays exactly the same.

We will, however, discuss one of the most famous women’s wear designers: Roy Halston Frowick, otherwise known as Halston, otherwise known as one of the most iconic fashion designers—and iconic men, period—of the past 100 years.

After the jump, a few of his best looks, and a few things you should know about him...»

Friday Night Fever

  • Najib Benouar


It’s film festival season in Tribeca, and premiering today is this year’s rock-star-designer-bio-doc, Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston, which reminded us of the dapper poster boy for a lost era of glamorous decadence when activities currently regarded as “vices” used to be known as “hobbies.” You know, holding court nightly at Studio 54, mastering the art of juggling a rocks glass and cigarette with one hand, always travelling with a bevy of beauties (whether he had any personal use for them or not). The stuff today’s rock-star-anything is usually too health-conscious to dare. We can't help but admire the man's gusto.

Jerry Hall, Halston, and the Romance of Poor Folk


Return of the Hall: Jerry Hall emerges from her cocoon for a few slinky Chanel spots. [The Cut]

It’s a Crazy Place: Halston’s online music video/commercial manages to reference Andy Warhol and salvia at the same time. [Racked]

Semi-Biters: The Conde Nast home team’s take on last night’s festivities. Maine goes sadly unheralded. [Material Interest]

Can’t Buy Me Love: Falling stocks and rising passions? Sounds like a trend piece waiting to happen. [NYTimes]

Lagerfeld Shoots Homme, Harvey Shoots Halston and More


Dior Homme

Name Game: Glam-obsessed Roberto Cavalli hires French rock and roll band… um… Rock & Roll to star in his ad campaigns. "Rock & Roll"? Really inventive there, garçons. [FWD]

Join the Hunt: _Field and Stream_ magazine expands its licensing hoping to tap into that juicy casual game hunter/rampaging Vice President market. [DNRNews]

The Oracle of Omaha: Is master capitalist Warren Buffett giving Ralph Lauren his Midas touch? [Seeking Alpha, #11]

New Republic: Simon Kneen, one of the many creative directors and designers responsible for Brooks Brothers recent renaissance, takes over the helm at Gap's Banana Republic. [AP via Fox Business]

Inside Hollywood: Jude Law, who has starred in several Miramax films, will star in the Weinstein-produced biopic of Halston—a line now owned by… yes, Harvey Weinstein. [Men.Style]

Homme Coming: New ad campaign, shot by Monsieur Lagerfeld, gives us a closer look at Kris Van Assche's Spring Dior Homme line. [Eye4style]

Box Set: Addicted to Polos? This $5,000 commemorative collector's trunk should cure that—forever. [Rock Box]