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Ashley Smith Is a Diamond’s Best Friend

  • Najib Benouar

Fear the Beard: GQ catches up with Tom Hardy (of Inception fame) at Cannes to talk beefing up, kicking crack and his personal style, but somehow manages to skirt the issue of the furry elephant in the room: that chin-fro. [GQ]

Winning Time: An NHL Hall of Famer reflects on the House finale, Steve Jobs and what they’ve taught us about being winners. [Grantland]

Polanski, Kingsley and Bonham Carter: File this three-minute short under “the wonderfully offbeat things that only happen in Cannes.” [T Magazine]

Hey Mickey: Hypebeast gives us a heads-up and preview of CNBC’s upcoming J.Crew documentary. [Hypebeast]

Scripting Youtube: The George Brett Story

George Brett

Occasionally in our quest to become better men we are graced with cautionary tales from older, wiser mentors.

One such occurrence took place in the moments leading up to a 2005 Kansas City Royals’ spring training game, when Hall of Fame third baseman George Brett imparted upon Ross Boudreaux and Scott Walter, two rookie catchers attempting to make the team, a harrowing tale of steady composure in the face of unthinkable adversity.

Boudreaux and Walter were never called up to the big show (perhaps due to their tendency to lose focus during pre-game stretching routines). But we’re quite certain that, thanks to George Brett, they are that much closer to enlightened fulfillment.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen this video – it was an instant classic when leaked in 2009.

But now, for the first time, Kempt leaks the shooting script…»

The Hall-of-Famers


In honor of Opening Day (and now that you’ve got something to wear), we thought we’d direct your attention to a little more Costner-esque nostalgia: An illustrator named Summer Anne Burton has charged herself with creating a detailed, info-filled drawing depicting every player in the baseball hall of fame. In case you’re not a fan…there are a lot of them.

The result is every bit as quirky as you think. She uses Library of Congress photos and pencil to create a pretty good portrait, and throws in enough quotes and stats to give you a sense of how they actually looked on the ballfield—making her something close to the internet equivalent of Ken Burns.

So far she’s only gotten through 41 out of 295, but she’s got all season.