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Crate Digging


Refinery29 just posted an item entitled The 12 Most Stylish Album Covers of All Time, and we have to call them out on a few slip-ups.

Exhibit A is Thriller. Anyone sporting Jacko's get up these days would be closer to the American Idol outtake reel than a spot on MTV. But “P.Y.T” is amazing, so we’ll let it go. Adam Ant is a bit harder to swallow. Guyliner and face paint may be taking off among the tweens, but we doubt it’s anything Refinery wants to endorse.

And as far as sins of omission go…whatever happened to Roxy Music?

For a Good Cos


Bill Cosby is a pretty unlikely style icon, but we’re willing to bite. He’s put three of his iconic sweaters up for auction on eBay, and so far no one’s taken the bait.

We have to admit, we’re a little surprised. These jazzy numbers pack more 80s baggage than all the Members Only jackets and guyliner in SoHo. And it’s to benefit the Cos’s education charity, so high-rollers shouldn’t balk at the four-figure price tag. Maybe M.I.A. wants one?

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Loose Threads: Makeup Edition


It looks like guyliner was only the beginning.

Jean-Paul Gaultier unleashed a line of men’s makeup yesterday called Monsieur, including concealer, eyeliner, brow grooming gel, two bronzers and a self-tanner. The ad materials encourage the makeup as a way to unleash your “inner monsieur,” which creeps us out more than anything we’ve heard in a while.

It isn’t the first time this idea has been tried, but until now, the market hasn’t shown much interest in the powdered dandy look.

Let’s hope our luck keeps up.