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Marc Gets 86ed, Ronnie Bags a Groupie, and Guess Trends Up


A Solid Grip: Eva Mendez's hands are always in the wrong place at the right time. [Use My Computer]

The Answer: Guess is targeting the high-end market. Stay tuned. [DNRNews]

The Bum's Rush: Marc Jacobs was kicked out of an art gallery for looking unacceptably grungy. Oh the shame. [NYPost]

Cinéma Vérité: Josh Brolin gets into a drunken bar fight while filming Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic. If he lost after one punch, he's really in character. [AC]

Will Chick Pillow Fights Sell Real Estate?: We just made our down payment. [Observer]

Cutting-Edge Prep: That Comme des Garcons Brooks Brothers line is looking pretty damn sharp. [High Snobiety]

A Handle For Your Beer Can: Is as logical and obvious as an eraser on a pencil. [Uncrate]

Christy on The Shore, Men's Vogue on a Diet, and Toxins on Your Scalp


Beach Blanket Bingo: Vanity Fair's "Beach Please" spread features some favorite photographic subjects on the world's best seashores. It's as good an excuse as any to run old shots of Christy Turlington doing yoga. []

Who Wears Tighty Whities Anymore?: Well, us. But only when we've forgot to wash our boxer briefs for the last two weeks (today, for instance). [Disco Valente]

Permanent Style: Some things never go out of fashion, even when they do. [Art of Manliness]

Chemical Industry Cover Up: After reading the ingredients in Just for Men hair-coloring gel, you'll probably decide to go gray with grace. [Wired]

Commercial Break: Because we love you guys, here's a pictorial history of Guess ads. [BWGrey Scale]

No Shia: Finally, an activist shirt we would actually buy. [Fashionably Geek]

Slim Down: Not only has Men's Vogue shrunk, but one of their writers is freshly trim, and they just lost 210 pounds of Avery (though 120 pounds of Mort goes a long way). [Gawker]