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Thanks for the Light

The Factory Tour of Factory Tours: In honor of their ongoing collaboration, Opening Ceremony stops by the Pendleton factory, and finds a surprising amount of native American ephemera. [Opening Ceremony]

You, Explained: A comprehensive guide to the world’s Facebook profiles. [Fast Company]

Grunge, We Hardly Knew Ya: A child of the 90s looks back on the music of his youth, or Why Nirvana Mattered. [A.V. Club]

The Old Ways Are Best: Yet more Jacques love, this time with video and a useful tip for finding under-the-counter magazines in New York. [Revel in New York]

The Nameless Model


Somewhere in Italy…: We don’t know who this is, but she should email us. [Fashion Copious]

The Tweed Revolution: A closer look at the origins of Japanese preppy style. Legitimately fascinating stuff. [IvyStyle]

The Northwest Passage: The style of early grunge gets a closer, more adoring look. This may be vintage flannel’s first hagiography. [The Moment]

Stiff Upper Lip: Your guide to this season’s mustache-shaped jewelry. [All the Rage]