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The Sydney Police department just let loose a cache of 20s-era mug shots, showing off a surprising quantity of three-piece suits and grenadine ties. Aussie criminals are pretty snappy dressers, it turns out.

This gent in particular caught our eye for his shoulder-to-shoulder lapels and reckless use of pomade. We like to think he got sent up for some kind of globe-spanning real estate scheme…

Kempt Man of the Hour: Stephen Dorff

mothstephendorff_crop.jpgvia Zimbio

Here’s the scenario: you’re an maturing scenester, in the thick of promoting your first arthouse lead. It’s a New York screening, which means no black tie and no dress code, but if you show up in a leather jacket, everyone's going to think you're a jackass. That never bothered you before, but somehow, this time's different...

In this case, Steven Dorff went full professor. That means a checked tweed suit and grenadine tie that makes him look like Indiana Jones on the first day of classes. It's quite possibly the stuffiest thing he’s ever worn. Of course, it helps that it’s a subtle check, the fit is perfect, and the tie is subtle enough to stay under the radar to anyone who might not appreciate such things.

He wears it with more than a little cheek, given his decidedly non-tweedy reputation, but that’s probably about right too. Well played, Mr. Dorff.