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Bebe Buell is Trying to Remember How That Song Went

bebebuell_crop.jpgvia WBE

A Pair: Brooklyn’s best chocolatiers, the impressively bearded Mast Brothers, connected with The Scout for this handsome video. [The Scout]

Bad Intentions: A Politics Daily writer thought a gushing open letter to his ex-girlfriend on her wedding day would go over well with the women of the internet. He was wrong. Gentlemen of America: do not be this man! [Washington City Paper]

Greensleeves: A carbon footprint rating may be on the way for clothing. Not a moment too soon, by our lights. [Wall Street Journal]

Play Me a Song That Everybody Knows: If there ever was a time to learn about country legend Roy Acuff, now is that time. [AV Club]

Lightly Used


Fabric scraps are responsible for a lot of things—most notoriously, American Apparel’s recent enthusiasm for the scrunchy—but a wearable jacket is a somewhat taller order.

That hasn’t stopped Looptworks (hat tip to Josh Spear) from trying, though. The jacket on the left is stitched together entirely from discarded fabric, and it might be the height of the discarded fabric-style so far. We’re not ready to jump on board just yet—we’re concerned about durability, for one—but if they can save a few thousand yards of cloth from the scrap heap, it might be worthwhile. Anything would be better than scrunchies…

Bomb Throwers


The second in our series of items that will get you arrested, the “greenaid” answers the pressing question, “How do I carry around a spare bag without using handles?” and the even more pressing question, “How can I scare the bejezus out of the people behind me in line at Whole Foods?”

Think of it as killing two birds with one grenade.

Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



Green Man: Nau co-founder Ian Yolles explains fashionable sustainability. [PSFK]

Not So Horny: "Vivid colors, flowing silk ribbons, and glittering bits of mirrors." And you thought Vikings looked like this, silly goose. [Eurekaltert]

Incoming!: Suface2Air's Spring/Summer 08 available now. [Word is Bomb]

The Boom Bip: The perfect footwear for the Ed Lover Dance. [Hypebeast]

The Barn Jacket: Seems we're not the only ones with a fetish for waxed cotton. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Def Junk: Russell Simmons officially launches his already launched hip-hop-on-the-back-nine fashion brand. It will suck. [Celebrity Brands]

How To Pronounce Comme des Garçons: Don't blow this one. [Robby Wells]

International Champion: According to the Nielsen company Gucci is the most desired fashion line in the world. Tom Ford commemorates the success of his former employer by rolling over in his sable-covered bed and snoring. [Bloomberg]

High Kicks: Adidas has their Yohji Yamamoto. Now Puma has their Hussein Chalayan. [Fashion Week Daily]

Hang The DJ: Dear Elle UK, hitting "play" on iTunes does not count as "branching out." [ElleUK]

Little Gold Men and Aliens in Your Drawers


Leading Man: Sure, Daniel Day-Plainview may have drunk George Clooney's milkshake last night, but with his shawl-collar tux and styled arm candy, Dr. Ross walked away with our award. [Observer]

Fit to Be Tied: Speaking of the Oscars, a few attendees, including Scientology's unofficial co-pilot Ms. John Travolta, can't manage a bow on their own. For shame. [Manolo for Men]

Sparkle, Sparkle: Dear Diablo Cody, remember that those snarky, insipid style critics have a job to do and tearing you apart is just part of it. It's nothing personal. As far as we're concerned, you'll always be the second or third hottest former stripper to win for best script. [Beauty Fashion Life]

Hand Me Down: Adrian Grenier says vintage style is good for Mother Earth. Damned hippie. [Hoopla]

Watch out for Klingons: Ted Baker goes zoom! zap! bleep! bleep! in your underwear. [Retro to Go]

The White Pages: Social injustice, the class system and America's yawning racial divide arrived bundled with P.C. Richards circulars this Sunday. [PSFK]