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Kempt Digs: The 1974 Robert Redford Great Gatsby


You may have heard of an upcoming Gatsby film from a guy named Baz “shiny things everywhere” Luhrmann. Perhaps here. Or here, even.

With all the hullabaloo around a bow-tied Leonardo DiCaprio, we thought it worth remembering that this is not the only pass made at turning TGG into a movie.

In fact, Robert Redford gave a master class in Jazz Age chic way back in 1974—the year young Leo was born.

Here are five reasons that film’s worth revisiting.»

The Essence of Made in Maine, a Great Deal of Gatsby Covers and the Everyman’s Italian Suit

  • Kempt Staff


Maine Objective: We can never resist more handsome shoes from Maine, and Well Spent has the scoop on the state’s latest homegrown shoemakers: New England Outwear Co.

OCD Button Down: Put This On has set out to extol the every virtue of oxford cloth button-down shirts—beginning with some history and some unapologetic gushing. (We trust they’ll do it justice.)

Cover Band: One man spent his entire life collecting 83 years’ worth of The Great Gatsby book covers and it’s one fantastic collection.

Badowers Meaning Good: Valet tracks down a lust-worthy Italian-made suit for under a grand in, of all places, Iowa.

Your Latest Dose of Gatsby

  • Kempt Staff

We’ve said it before, but Hollywood’s been coming up handsome these days.

And even though we originally thought we’d get to see Baz Luhrmann’s neo-Gatsby this weekend, it’s been pushed back to next summer. So instead, we’ll have to settle for these recently released film posters—more evidence of all the literary good-looking-ness to come. We couldn’t be more excited. (A three-piece tweed suit can do that to us...) And don’t worry, you’ll still get your fill of rakish Leonardo DiCaprio this Christmas.

See the rest of the cast of well-heeled dandies and flappers after the jump.»

Everything’s Coming Up Handsome

  • Najib Benouar

The new trailer for the hotly anticipated Baz Lurhmann remake of The Great Gatsby has been tearing up the Internet today—yes, we’ve got it here—and the flashing scenes of bow ties, tweed and tossed silk shirts (they’re such beautiful shirts) read like the exclamation point on an already stylish lineup of movies for the year.

For whatever reason, we’ve noticed a steep uptick in stylish movies for 2012, and we’re looking forward to watching it all play out—beginning with Moonrise Kingdom’s fastidiously dressed-up quirkiness hitting theaters this weekend. Bond promises to make a good showing, Batman’s bound to have a tuxedo up his sleeve, Gosling’s back in Gangster Squad, we’re hearing good things about The Master, and even this week’s Anchorman 2 teaser has got our leisure-suit interests piqued. We like what we see, and we’d like to keep seeing more. (Stay classy, film industry.)

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered all six of the aforementioned trailers after the jump. You might want to rest your eyes halfway.»

Tobey Maguire and the Succès de Scandale

We’d like to congratulate Tobey Maguire on a scandal well played.

As we learned a few months ago, Maguire was said to be participating in high-stakes card games run by con man Bradley Ruderman and a made-for-Page-Six bombshell named Molly Bloom. Now, he’s agreed to pay back $80,000 (of the more than $300,000 that he won) to settle a lawsuit brought by a group of investors who had been bilked by Ponzi-schemer Ruderman.

In Maguire's case, it's what we call the good kind of controversy. Here's why»

Hayley Atwell is Windswept

Hayley Atwell

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