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Lili is Stretching

Hitting the Books: In honor of collegiate weather, the RL chaps take a tour through the newly renovated New York Public Library in Bryant Park. [Rugby Blog]

The Car Makes the Man: On Friday, Sotheby’s is auctioning off James Bond’s Goldfinger-era Aston Martin, tire-destroying hubcaps and all. It’s poised to become the most expensive film vehicle ever sold at auction...but don’t let that stop you. [Word of Mouth]

Good and Evil in New Orleans: The true story of Banksy and his nemesis, the Gray Ghost, in a struggle to control the empty walls of New Orleans. [Web Urbanist]

The Modern Fairy Tale: I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how Werner Herzog saved Joaquin Phoenix’s life by pulling him from a gasoline-soaked car wreck. [Movieline]

Coloring Book


A lot of work goes into a good graffiti mural—you just don’t see it because of the whole “rule of law” thing. Fortunately, a crew called the Central Illustration Agency was able to get together with a camera crew and a wall-owner to produce this video to show you how it’s done. Consider it a devil’s night gift.

See the paint in action»

All You Need


Street art isn’t known for its sentiment, but it can get plenty sappy when you give it a chance. Exhibit A: a twenty-block-and-counting multi-artist project currently making its way across the brick walls of Philadelphia. The sentimental part? Well, it’s called the Love Letter Project

PSFK checked in recently to celebrate the twentieth mural, but there’s still plenty to be done. All told, the group is planning to end up with 50 murals, two books, a sign language school and a documentary film…so they’ve still got quite a bit of work ahead of them. In the meantime, anyone stopping through the city of Brotherly Love should consider taking a ride on the Market Street elevated line to see all the murals in succession. And bring a date.

Cloud Power, Ford’s Ingénue and Urban Camo


Can’t Tell Me Nothin’: Kanye goes through his favorite Obama pics. In other words, if things turn south, we can expect one hell of a blog post. [Kanye West’s Blog]

Very Big Love: Tom Ford adds Ginnifer Goodwin to his stable. Of actors. For the movie. [The Cut]

Take a Bow: If you have managed to get through life so far without knowing how to tie a bowtie, this is the video for you. Live in fear no longer. [His Fashion Eye]

Industrial Camoflage: Graffiti meets civic beautification when fire hydrants are painted the color of their surroundings. We expect a lot of bruised shins. [PSFK]