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Greta Gerwig is Serious About Car Safety


The Muse of Mumblecore: Greta Gerwig is ready for her grainy closeup. [The Moment]

The New Kids: The GQ/CFDA nods big-up (among others) Billy Reid, Burkman Bros and, most surprisingly, J.Crew’s new menswear guru Frank Muytjens. Congrats, gentlemen. [GQ]

Going Off All Half-Shod: A public salvo against the shoeless party. Sounds like someone’s ashamed of his sock drawer. [Gawker]

The Man in the Box: A fitting sendoff for J. D. Salinger. If you haven’t read Franny & Zooey, now might be a good time. [Vulture]

The Big Dance


GQ held their CFDA party last night, and there was no shortage of famous faces. This snap caught GQ’s Jim Nelson, Thom Browne and Andre Benjamin in the same frame, and it offers a glimpse of things to come. Nelson’s getup shouldn’t surprise anyone with a subscription—at this point, the slim suit-and-tie are nothing short of a dress code—but Mr. Benjamin’s Bogart-level beltline is one of the few moves that genuinely surprised us. He pulls it off perfectly…but we doubt anyone watching had the courage to try it out themselves.

See more of the scene»

Garment District


With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, it’s almost time to trade those madras shorts for sweaters, toggle coats and the infamous flannel. You’ve still got a week to bare your calves, but a little preemptive shopping never hurt anyone.

Landing this week at East Village mainstay DEN, Engineered Garments is a throwback to early 20th Century workwear of the type you may be used to seeing elsewhere. Think coalminers and railroad workers…but well-dressed ones, wearing selvage denim, collarless oxford shirts and thermal-lined hoodies. (A little anachronism never hurt anyone either.)

And, if you’re the patient type, you can catch their capsule collection with Levi’s, the result of their GQ / CFDA award earlier this year. Highlights include 501s circa 1947 and a historically authentic army shirt of the type worn by prisoners in Alcatraz at the turn of the century.

Which should be enough to keep you warm when you’re swimming for freedom.

Oak, Fashion Week and the inexorable march of time


Motion Pictures: A slideshow of the GQ/CFDA men’s show gives us waistcoat-envy. [DNR]

Nostalgia File: The Times meditates on slim suits as a metaphor for lost youth. No, we’re not kidding. [NYT]

The Kids Today: Gwen Stefani has much to answer for. [NYMag]

Fitted Shirt: A Suitable Wardrobe details the perils of outgrowing suits, while taking a few well-placed snipes. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Paint it Black: The new Oak store in NoHo could be a little bit more colorful…[UrbanDaddy]

Shine a Light: The Louis Vuitton logo combines with butane, with confusing results. [Coolest Gadgets]