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Leighton Meester Has Been Practicing Her Sultry Look


Ms. Waldorf, We Presume: Maybe it’s time to start watching Gossip Girl. [GQ]

Way Out West: ACL takes a tour of San Francisco’s UNIONMADE. What is it about places with giant flags? [A Continuous Lean]

Heavy Stuff: The well-aged charm of the medicine ball (and where to pick one up). [Valet]

Woah: The 12 trippiest drug scenes in the history of film, in order of batshit audacity. Iguana not included. [Vulture]

Leighton, Sarah, and Louis


Girls Gone Somewhat Wild: Terry Richardson redeems himself yet again, providing art for the 18th Gossip Girl-related cover story so far. [Rolling Stone]

Boyish Charm: In case you needed more Band of Outsiders… Sarah Silverman takes over for Kirsten Dunst with Band of Outsiders latest “Boy” shoot. [The Moment]

Westward, Ho: Michael Williams heads to SXSW…and we are jealous yet again. [A Continuous Lean]

Clash of the Titans: Louis Vuitton takes Google to court over copyright infringement. Which side will Kanye choose? [The Cut]

Beards, Jackets and J. Crew


Take it on the Chin: In honor of National Beard Month, here are a few of your options. [FashionIndie]

All the Real Girls: Gossip Girl goes completely off the rails. Not that we’re following it or anything. [Daily Intel]

In the Army Now: Even after the trend has broken and rolled back, military jackets are still pretty great. [Shoptometrist]

Part of the Crew: Even Mme. Obama loves J. Crew, which means their world takeover is nearly complete. [Jezebel]

Paris On, Crew Guide & Gossip Guys


Runway Report: In France, the couture shows begin and Patrick Demarchelier is toasted. Celebs single file, please. [W]

Idol Gossip: The men of Gossip Girl confess their most creative use of fan gifts, female attention and which career they’d trade up for [Details]

Guy’s Guide: Is J. Crew taking a stab at the “How To” market for Men’s Style? [Drinkin’ and Dronin’]

Nice Try: Balenciaga’s foray into menswear, allegedly showing suits in Paris for ’09, off to a bad start [NYT]

Advertising, Gossip, and Legos


Learn to Ad: A gallery of prehistoric advertising. Don Draper would be horrified. [Boing Boing]

Gossipmongers: A gossip blog complains about another gossip blog outing the details of a television show centered around gossip. [Daily Intel]

Hat Man:The search for the dandiest hat continues. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Toyland: There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. In this case, lego-inspired clothing. [Selectism]

Prada's Revenge, Squiring Bosworth and The Fur Flies

Kate Bosworth

Vengeance is Hers: Guy Trebay reports that Miuccia Prada called her new collection, "revenge on men for the social and sartorial contortions they impose on women." Run you fools. [NY Times]

Blue Crush: Kate Bosworth's beau asked if she was Kate Hudson when they first met. Great "neg" dude. [NY Observer]

Wooly Bullies: There is no escaping the fur. [AFP]

Shoe Shine: The bestest sneaker polish kit ever. [Cool Hunting]

Hot Wrap: "Gossip Girl" character drives sales of polka-dot J.Press scarf. [Racked]

Hip Waders: The new Levis Red line—jeans for anime characters.[Denimology]

Bye Bye, Miu Miu: Prada discontinues the men's side of their bridge line. [WWD, 1st item]

Designer Knocks Off: Margareta ven den Bosch, the longtime head of design at H+M is retiring and being replaced by pupil Ann-Sofie Johansson. Now, maybe, that Ma and Pa shop can finally sell some clothes. [DNR]