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The Waterproof Oxford


This pattern’s popping up more and more these days, usually in canvas. But we’re always willing to try something new…

In this case it’s a Killspencer-ish ripstop fabric, courtesy of the British marque French Connection (via World’s Best Ever). A threaded check pattern softens the shine, but it’s still a bit of a dicey proposition. You can count on canvas for a simple, earthy feeling, but goretex will either come off as futuristic or just plain oily.

For just over $50 a pop though, you can probably afford to find out.

In from the Rain


The performance parka has a lot of potential—especially now that we’re headed into the rainy season—but so far nobody’s been willing to put their chips behind an ultra-high end version. At least nobody outside of Japan

Visvim deal in goretex rather than the more trendy waxed cotton, but there’s still some serious tailoring involved. This poncho splices the intricate check in just about every way possible, keeping things just this side of optical illusion, and add in a cigarette pouch on the sleeve for good measure.

Of course, that still doesn’t mean stateside shoppers are ready to line up for ponchos costing upwards of $500…but stranger things have happened.

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