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Wave Goodbye


Kempt is going on hiatus until the new year, so we thought we’d leave you with some musings on 2009 and a few forward-looking thoughts for 2010.

First, if you needed the year summed up for you in five minutes, in a concise but formally innovative manner, we’ve got you covered. This Google Wave runs down everything of interest—from Obama’s inaug to Usain Bolt’s world record—before presenting a few Waves discussing 2010. If you’ve got an invite, it’s not a bad way to ring in the New Year. We’ll see you on the other side.

The year in Google Wave form»

A Moviegoer’s Guide to Google Wave


In the wake of our earlier etiquette lesson, you may still be wondering what in the world Google Wave actually does. Luckily, the internet’s tendency towards one-note regurgitated jokes has produced what may be the ultimate user’s guide to the ornate messaging tool. Instead of a dry tech demonstration, this video walks you through one of the most memorable scenes in Pulp Fiction via Google Wave, offering an effortless, Rosetta Stone-style explanation of embedded image searching and conversation replay and various other previously confusing gadgets. It’s everything you need to know…and it’s hilarious.

See the world’s funniest tech demonstration here»

A Gentleman’s Guide to Google Wave


The first Google Wave invites went out late last week, which means the next couple weeks should see the ground breaking email/instant message/document sharing hybrid spreading through the public at a buzzworthy rate. On the off-chance you’ve missed the hype, we’ll sum it up for you: Wave reinvents email as a long string of chatroom-style reply-all messages, viewable all at once to everyone involved. TechCrunch is calling it the dawn of passive-aggressive communication (they seem to think that's a good thing), but it doesn't have to be that way.

In the interest of progress, we to suggest updates to email etiquette. It’s an incomplete list, but it should keep you safe for long enough to figure out what's kosher in the new medium.

A guide to Google Wave etiquette»