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Heritage Lost, Google’s Hit List and Berlin’s Handsome Subway Stations

  • Kempt Staff


Strong Willis: A Continuous Lean explores the rise and fall (and subsequent re-rise and re-fall) of legendary American expedition outfitters Willis & Geiger.

Google Melee: In the wake of Google’s spring cleaning of five products—most notably, Google Reader—Wired names the next five Google products on the chopping block.

Underground Snapper: Take a photographic safari through all 173 of Berlin’s U-Bahn stations, courtesy of Kate Seabrook.

The Power of Doves: The Atlantic asks the hard questions on why there aren’t any women magicians to speak of.

Maisa Favero Has Invented Strip Pétanque

The Death and Rebirth of a Dolce & Gabbana Suit: There is a dry cleaner in Arizona who can clean any suit—even one that’s been smeared with Turkish probiotic yogurt. Good to have in your rolodex. [Put This On]

Stealing Granddad’s Pearls: Attention, virile men traveling through Zimbabwe: you may be kidnapped for your sperm. [The Telegraph]

In Search: The story of Google, from search pioneer to info-swallowing monolith. [Gizmodo]

There Are More Than You Think: And just because it’s there, a ranked list of songs with “Jane” in the title. [The Awl]

Technical Specs

  • Geoff Rynex

Last week, information leaked about Google’s plans to release a chunky pair of glasses that will basically act as a smartphone. But earlier this month, something much more impressive flew a little further under the radar—augmented-reality contacts.

They’re being developed by a company called Innovega with help from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, who helped give us a little thing called the Internet. They’ll project full 3D and HD images onto what will look like a 20-foot panoramic screen in your field of vision—and you’ll be putting them in by 2014.

Things like this tend to set our minds racing. And the more we learn, the more we get... a little ahead of ourselves. That’s why, to make sense of it all, we like to break down what they said (cold, scientific, occasionally downerish) versus what we heard (majestic, full of hope, in a word: awesome).

The hope and the hype behind augmented reality contact lenses»

The Girl with the Octopus Hair

Ryan Plettvia YHBTI

Good Enough for Ike: Jake Gallagher takes a deep dive into the military origins of the paratrooper pant. [WaxWane]

Great Men of Our Time: Tracy Morgan likes eating at the 56th Street Benihana because it means he can accost random strangers with jokes about sexual performance. Tonight, we will be dining at the 56th Street Benihana. [Grub Street]

The Bow of Victory: Scott Sternberg unveils a lucky Band of Outsiders bow tie in honor of the Oscars—and there’s a good chance Clooney will be wearing one on Sunday. [SlamxHype]

A Private Affair: And finally, with Google’s new privacy policy coming into effect on March 1, here’s how to wipe your history to ensure no one ever discovers you once Googled “nude rue mcclanahan.” [Gizmodo]

Toe the Line


Powerful people make their own rules. Self-styled moguls, especially in the visionary end of the internet, tend to do the same.

So when a co-founder of Google shows up at a keynote wearing Vibram Five Fingers instead of regular, god-fearing shoes, it’s tempting to write it off as creative eccentricity.

But at the risk of having our Gmail account vaporized, we’re going to call this as the disaster it is.

Allow us to elaborate»

Mikael Kennedy is Always This Sepia-Toned

The World’s Greatest: For the benefit of mankind, Will Oldham interviews R. Kelly. [Interview Magazine]

Romancing the Knit Tie: A gentleman’s guide to dressing like Michael Douglas. [Details]

An Indian City Has Been Painted Blue: The title kind of says it all. [Kuriositas]

Today’s Grand Addition to the Internet…: …is the Google Art Project, which offers virtual tours of the great museums of the world. [Google Art Project]

Natasha Poly Has Had a Long Day

Postcards From the Edge: Christopher Hitchens stares down death with characteristic wit. We’re pulling for you, sir. [Vanity Fair]

Too Many, By Any Standard: Google Books has determined that there are 128,864,880 books in the world, which makes Twilight seem like maybe not such a big deal. [TechCrunch]

Take That, Anthony Bourdain: If you are ever moved to sample exotic cuisine, steer clear of these ten items. [Uncornered Market]

Wisdom of the Ages: Glenn O’Brien weighs in on marital fashion choices. The key line: “Before you tell your wife that what she's wearing is preposterous, decide if you really want to suffer horribly for the next few days.” [GQ]

Iza Olak is a Child of Nature


A Roll in the Grass: The Danes put together a pretty good editorial when they want to. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Frozen Yogurt: A Google pro promises Android will “blow your mind” in the next six months. Presumably with a vocoder solo. [Gizmodo]

Taggers: A rundown on some of Americana’s more interesting garment tags. [Archival Clothing]

Brooklyn’s the Borough: For its 127th birthday, all the pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge you will ever desire. [Secret Forts]

Jennifer Lopez is a Big Sofia Loren Fan


Italian Vogue Bats 1000: We believe she’s wearing a chandelier of some kind. [Fashion Copious]

So Many Cardigans: New York Magazine takes on the global dominance of Uniqlo. The money line: “They have chosen fabric, rather than fashion, as the area where they want to excel.” Sounds like a solid plan to us. [NYMag]

Hopefully It Won’t be Called the G-Pad: Google tablet. Act like you know. [TechCrunch]

The Egg Did it Last Season: A chicken fashion show, brought gloriously to life. [Whim Quarterly]

Jennifer Pugh is Feeling Nostalgic


The Throwback: Luciana Val & Franco Musso channel their inner Guccione for this faux-vintage snap. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Operation Infinite Accessory: Here’s your chance to own the watch Saddam gave to his air force pilots. It’s the weirdest style pitch we’ve come across in quite some time. [Hodinkee]

A Little Lost: A full account of a mortifying evening with our favorite person in the world, Bill Murray. [Vulture]

Royal Rumble: Apple, HTC, Google and Microsoft are entering into the copyright equivalent of a cage match. This one will get ugly. [TechCrunch]