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The Real Winners at Last Night’s Tuxedo Games

  • Kempt Staff
The Real Winners at Last Night’s Tuxedo Games

The third and final Fey-Poehler-helmed Golden Globes ran like a well-oiled machine last night.

Which allowed us to focus on what was really important: the tuxedos.

And from the looks of last night’s proceedings, it would seem the state of black tie on the red carpet is as strong as ever (and that Hollywood has reached peak beard). With the competition stiffening with each new awards season, the stakes were higher than ever...

So, without further ado, here were the real winners of last night’s tuxedo games.

The 10 Best-Dressed Men at the Golden Globes

  • Najib Benouar


Hollywood has been experiencing a black-tie renaissance for the past few awards seasons, and last night’s Golden Globes was no exception—just about everyone looked sharp.

On the whole there’s been less risk taking (unless you count Leo DiCaprio challenging Clooney for his notch-lapel-tuxedoed throne), but that’s generally a good thing when it comes to something as traditional and elegant as black tie. In fact, there were so many well-played tuxes, it was hard to narrow it down, but we managed to pick the 10 best.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to crib a few moves from these gents for your Oscars run...»

The Real Winners of the Golden Globes

  • Najib Benouar

Perhaps the best part about last night’s Fey-Poehler-helmed Golden Globes was that all the tuxedos on the red carpet kept it on the straight and narrow. (It’s a trend we’ve been readily noticing for a few awards shows now.)

There weren’t many faults to find in anyone’s tux—aside from the usual suspects and nitpicking bow tie sizes—so we had a hard time nailing down the winners. The competition was strong. So strong that we think Clooney may have been temporarily dethroned from his notch-lapel tuxedo reign. But in the end, there were a few contenders who became champs last night. And it had nothing to do with who ended up on the podium.

So without further ado, the three real winners of last night’s Golden Globes.»

The Real Winners of the Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2012 (Jake Gyllenhaal, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth)

There was a lot of good style on display at the Golden Globes, but we couldn’t let the day go by without pointing out a few of our favorites. Our winner of the night was Jake Gyllenhaal, who snagged the best tuxedo of the night with his double-breasted Ferragamo number. He’s not the most broad-shouldered guy in the world, but thanks to the DB, he suddenly looked like Sam Worthington.

Otherwise, Tom Ford continued to do wonders for Colin Firth (and vice versa), and Bill Nighy worked a pair of beautiful, owl-like frames into his black-tie repertoire. The only dark spot: the usually affable Thomas Jane, who set back the cause of hats by at least 10 years.

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