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Goggle Yourself


Bag Men: Seems the yabbos over in England are wrapping themselves up in the the latest in visual intimidation—the Goggle Jacket. Apparently an evolution on some very idiosyncratic athletic gear, the British press—charming monster that it is—has cast the face-hiding anorak as a impending public threat (despite no evidence of its criminal use.)

In the same vein, the the London Times has added another level of terror for a English public already weary of Islamic signifiers by labeling the whole plastic mess the "Burqa for boys." "The trouble in society," says one quoted expert, "is not just crime but the fear of crime, and this new jacket is enough to give anyone a shiver down their spine." Indeed, camo prints have always sent us running for the hills and we never really got over our childhood fear of C.O.B.R.A.