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Silver Lining


We’ve gushed about the nostalgic charms of the steamer trunk, but it seems we overlooked the one thing they were missing: a sense of humor.

Globe Trotter’s new Surf Rider collection corrects the oversight with the strategic use of Hawaiian shirts, possibly the most whimsical item in the menswear canon. The cases are lined with an earth-toned Hawaiian print that could have been lifted straight from Don Ho's closet.

As for what you’ll put inside…a little bit of whimsy goes a long way.

Traveling Light


There are many schools of thought on luggage. There’s the steamer trunk approach, which works best if you’re bringing along a personal porter, but there’s also the international-man-of-intrigue approach. That calls for something that’s a little more rugged, a little less refined and handles a lot better being thrown onto a moving train.

After a refined J. Crew collab, British luggage shop Globetrotter is teaming with the streetwear brand maharishi for a less stodgy suitcase. The last time we heard from them, they seemed stuck in the old world of trans-Atlantic sea voyages, but this one looks entirely globalized. It won’t fit quite as much, but you’re better off traveling light anyway.

Unfortunately, the only way to get your hands on it is through this CITY Magazine photo contest. Better get snapping.

Junk in the Trunk


We’ve run a lot of bags on Kempt, but the trunk has gone mostly overlooked. It may not be much of a carry-on, but it’s perfect for that steamer voyage you’ve been planning.

These trunks are the fruit of a transcontinental collab between J. Crew and classic Brit luggage maker Globetrotter, which lends its expert craftsmen and distinctive color combination to the mix. As you can see, the sizes vary from a 13-inch vanity case to the 33-inch wheeled suitcase—which weighs in at 13 pounds when it’s *empty*. Thanks to Globetrotter’s Vulcan Fibre, the trunks can withstand up to 2000 pounds of pressure.

Which should come in handy when you’re on safari.