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She’s Third-Wife Material


A Big, Big Love: Ginnifer Goodwin’s W Magazine spread makes a surprisingly cogent case for plural marriage. [FashionIndie]

X-Ray Specs: Oliver Goldsmith enters the world of bespoke frames. [GQ UK]

Man of Steel: The 70s era Superman costume goes on sale. Somewhere, Jerry Seinfeld reaches for his wallet. [IMDB News]

Chastity on the Rise!: Esquire laments the decline in the female libido. It sounds like they’ve been going to the wrong bars… [Esquire]

Cloud Power, Ford’s Ingénue and Urban Camo


Can’t Tell Me Nothin’: Kanye goes through his favorite Obama pics. In other words, if things turn south, we can expect one hell of a blog post. [Kanye West’s Blog]

Very Big Love: Tom Ford adds Ginnifer Goodwin to his stable. Of actors. For the movie. [The Cut]

Take a Bow: If you have managed to get through life so far without knowing how to tie a bowtie, this is the video for you. Live in fear no longer. [His Fashion Eye]

Industrial Camoflage: Graffiti meets civic beautification when fire hydrants are painted the color of their surroundings. We expect a lot of bruised shins. [PSFK]