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Lindsay Ellingson is in an Exotic Locale


Protect Your Necker: The Victoria’s Secret swimwear catalog brings a pack of models to scenic Necker Island. We would have liked a few more “girl with sloth” pics. [Jaunted]

El Presidente: Jay-Z saves rap, quotes Rakim, is awesome. [Interview]

Double Secret Probation: The invite-only Gilt Groupe adds a second layer of invite-only-ness. We’re pretty sure we saw a Monty Python skit about this. [Racked]

Very Bad Things: A critic’s poll of the worst movies of 2009. Megan Fox is well-represented. [Vulture]

Elle Steps Up Their Game


White Room: Love is an ottoman, in the latest issue of Elle. [Fashionising]

Trending Downwards: A gentleman’s guide to the short-lived trends of the aughts. We’re surprised the anachronistic mustache didn’t make the cut. [NYMag]

A Few of My Favorite Things: Starting tomorrow, an all-star list of men’s style bloggers is counting down the favorite items in their closet. Is it too late to throw our Spiderman PJs into the mix? [Components of Enthusiasm]

Fam in the Biz, It Is What it Is: Shakespearean intrigue in the world of online sample-sellers. The bottom line: Amazon may be poised to out-flank Gilt Groupe. [The Fashion Beat]

Going Solid


Gitman Brothers Vintage is best known for their intricate checks, but they’ve got a few more tricks left in the archives.

This Baby Cord shirt reminds us of a few of Band of Outsiders’ more recent overdyed button-ups, but since it’s from Gitman, this is the real thing, rather than a retro recreation. As for pulling off purple, we’d say this model has it about right: find a subtly contrasting tie and a good pair of jeans and you’ll do just fine.