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The Ridiculously Colorful Shirt


Man does not live by blue oxfords alone.

And now that the sun’s out, you’ve got room to get a little colorful. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, a lot colorful.

This Gant button-down comes from one of our favorite strains of dandyism: the ridiculously colorful shirt. Naturally, you’ll want to ease into it—maybe under a black suit, or peeking over the collar of a light sweater.

The game is showing just enough pattern to liven things up…but not so much that you’re blinding anyone. Once you turn your mind to it, you’ll be surprised how many ways there are to make it work. (Gilbert & Lewis also makes a slightly less sherbet-colored version, if you feel like playing with a handicap.)

And if you stare at it for long enough, you’ll be magically transported to a clambake.