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Sarah Stephens Prefers Powerful Lamps

This is Theodore: Via Twitter, Ghostface offers some timeless advice on romancing your woman for Valentine’s Day. Boats are involved. [A.V. Club]

Portlandia: Stumptown gets its own garment center. [Cool Hunting]

My Home is the Sea: A handsome and well-mustached runway show from N.Hoolywood. [Lifetime Gear]

The Story of the Orabrush: An unlikely YouTube hit to promote better breath. It’s a Cinderella story… [TechCrunch]

Amanda Kerlin May Have Eaten the Wrong Brownie

The Holiday Cocktail: Esquire runs down the dos and don’ts of holiday cocktailing. Apparently pumpkin is a don’t. [Esquire]

Thanks, Man: As we head into the holiday week, here’s an ode to the art of saying “thanks.” [Fast Company]

We Are Entirely in Earnest: A non-satirical publication reveals the true purpose of the TSA full-body scanners is, in fact, penis measurement. Troubling news. [McSweeney’s]

The Man is a National Treasure: The best Ghostface story you will ever hear. [Tumblr]