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The Reentry: Manchester City’s Miracle, Johnny Carson and How to Be a Spy

Manchester City wins the English Premier League title, May 11, 1968

They hadn’t won a championship in 44 years. Down 2-1 with time running out, it seemed Manchester City would once again concede the English Premier League title to its crosstown rivals, Manchester United. Then, the impossible happened: Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero scored back-to-back goals with seconds remaining in stoppage time—and the city of Manchester partied like it was 1968.

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In Defense of Cussing

Last week, Arizona State Senator Lori Klein proposed a law that would make it a fireable offense for K-12 public school teachers to repeatedly swear in the classroom. “These are young, impressionable minds,” she explained. “We want to fill them with the highest ideals, values and education that we can.” Yes, we agree. (Who doesn’t?) The issue we respectfully take with Senator Klein, though, is that a distinction must be made between teachers swearing in front of students and teachers swearing at students.

If a second-grade teacher, say, channeled Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket by telling his students that they “had best unfuck themselves” or he would “fuck them up,” we’d assume he’d be dismissed.

Especially if he did so repeatedly...»

David Frum on Conservative Style

Election Day for the NH primaries has come and gone. There was little sleep, non-partisan gambling (Ron Paul paid very well) and plenty of laughs at this.

But still, we felt like tangling with one last topic after the election results speeches: conservative style. So we sent a dispatch to our New England correspondent and political gadfly Daniel McCarthy to see if he could shed any light on the topic.

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THE REENTRY: Monday, September 12th

We’re confident that you were presented with ample opportunity over the weekend to memorialize 9-11 in cathedrals of your own. One of the more poignant moments we saw at yesterday’s service came from former president George W. Bush who quoted a 1864 letter by Abraham Lincoln to a Massachusetts mother of two sons killed in the Civil War:

I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.

Today, September 12th, we take a collective deep breath, and press on…»

Eniko Mihalik is in Motion

What is Beef?: Ladies and gentlemen, Kanye and George W. Bush are officially beefing. This is going to be great for both of their sales numbers. [Vulture]

Gotta Be the Jeans: Levi’s rolls out a new line of water-friendly jeans. Environment aside, we support anything that makes for darker washes. [Fast Company]

Automagic: A website to help you find the perfect-fitting shirt…but really, you should be checking with your tailor. [Lifehacker]

You Look Like You Could Use a Drink: A gentleman’s guide to the after-work drink. [Esquire]

Air Ducati


At least somebody is getting a boost from the outgoing Bush administration, even if they happen to be in Istanbul.

After the hilarious shoe attack, Bloomberg is reporting that a Turkish firm called Baydan Shoes is facing overwhelming global demand for the Ducati 271, the model name of the fateful presidential projectile or, as it will henceforth be known, the “Bush Shoe.”

As presidential legacies go, he could do a lot worse. At least it's not a croc.

Dean’s Pants, Political Knots, and Lots of Nixons


On the Block: Christies in London is selling off some amazing stuff, including one of Paul Newman’s auto racing suits, Daniel Day Lewis’ iconic green suit from There Will Be Blood and the tux trousers worn by James Dean in Giant. Here’s hoping there’s still change in the pockets… [Men.Style]

Change We Can Believe In: Can you tell the difference between Obama and Bush just by looking at their tie knots? Probably not. [CityFile]

Popping the Bubble: Champagne sales plummet. No word yet on vodka, Dr. Pepper and Cheetos, but early signs look good. [The Economist]

Ten Little Nixons: Counting down the best Nixons to make it to the screen. We love a little Hopkins, but our heart belongs to Dick. [Vulture]

Cindy Sherman, Shame, and Trads


Sherman’s March: Photographess Cindy Sherman takes pictures of herself throughout time, causing us to love her more than we thought possible. Damn you, Byrne! [Vulture]

Walk of Shame: Apparently W couldn’t get a handshake at the G20. We can’t imagine why. [Videogum]

The Shame Economy: Fixing the economy with national pride may be the wrong direction… [Gawker]

Trads in the Wild: The mustache and tucked neck tie are always a good idea. [We are the Market]

Nipple Slips, Indigo Farms, and the Commander in Chief


The Original Harlot: While many may think it?s Marilyn Monroe, no no, Ms. Jayne Mansfield takes that title in a blow out. Meet the master of the purposeful nipple slip. [This Recording]

Time of The Season: A couple of summer-appropriate mixtapes from the gentlemen at A Continuous Lean. Now you can impress all your dive-bar buddies with your taste in music. [A Continuous Lean]

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on... The point is, you can?t fool me twice: A look at Oliver Stone?s new feature on our fearless president. [Gawker]

Country-Military Chic: This new line from Adrian Nyman, Phillip Law and Indigo Farm is sure to inspire some ooo?s and awwww?s, and possibly some confused gazes. It is, after all, inspired by antiquated Far Eastern manufacturing techniques. [Refinery 29]

Calvin Comes Home: Mr. Klein will be bringing his line of men?s clothing back to NYC, where it all started, at least for one season. [DNR]

Marc Gets 86ed, Ronnie Bags a Groupie, and Guess Trends Up


A Solid Grip: Eva Mendez's hands are always in the wrong place at the right time. [Use My Computer]

The Answer: Guess is targeting the high-end market. Stay tuned. [DNRNews]

The Bum's Rush: Marc Jacobs was kicked out of an art gallery for looking unacceptably grungy. Oh the shame. [NYPost]

Cinéma Vérité: Josh Brolin gets into a drunken bar fight while filming Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic. If he lost after one punch, he's really in character. [AC]

Will Chick Pillow Fights Sell Real Estate?: We just made our down payment. [Observer]

Cutting-Edge Prep: That Comme des Garcons Brooks Brothers line is looking pretty damn sharp. [High Snobiety]

A Handle For Your Beer Can: Is as logical and obvious as an eraser on a pencil. [Uncrate]