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One with Everything


One of the downsides of seeing lines on the sample racks is that most of them look a whole lot different in person. General Idea in particular specializes in gear that can be daunting until you see someone pull it off right. For instance, a designer…

We were lucky enough to have General Idea’s creative director Bumsuk Choi stop by Kempt HQ to show us this jumpsuit from their upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 line. In case you can’t see, that’s a single double-breasted garment from shoulders to ankles. It’s also available as shorts and in trenchcoat-style variations, but we prefer the understated black, especially if you’re wearing it over a black t-shirt.

The Week that Was


Now that the overstimulated fever dream that is Fashion Week has drawn to a close, it’s time to sort the whole mess out through a period of meditative reflection. Our favorites were rag & bone, Simon Spurr, Antonio Azzuolo, General Idea, and Band of Outsiders, but there was plenty more to see that got lost in the shuffle.

Luckily, our friends at Valet Mag have put together a comprehensive but manageable guide to all the menswear to come out of New York Fashion Week, via a little bit of well-applied Flash programming and a whole lot of legwork. Let the browsing begin.

Tailor General


The jacket on the left may look familiar to Hives fans as the Swedish rockers' signature Thom Browne-designed outfits, but this is entirely new gear. The label is General Idea, and the look is military, vaguely western, and resolutely contrast-stitched.

Mr. Browne had a good idea dressing the hives in black and white, but he wasn't adventurous enough to follow up on it, so it's good to see someone picking up the mantle.

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