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Love and Roosters


High Art: Oyster Magazine is on a level we don’t even understand. Maybe the rooster represents masculinity? [Trendland]

Pass the Roles: A tour of modern gender roles, as seen from the bizarre intersection of Don Draper and Liz Lemon. Highly recommended. [This Recording]

Transformed: Megan Fox is swapped out in favor of Gemma Arterton in the plans for Transformers 3. History will bury you, Michael Bay. [/Film]

Inch by Inch: Arcade Fire drops a promo single to whet our appetites. Mission accomplished. [Arcade Fire]

Gemma Arterton Wears High Heels to Bed


Merry, Olde: Gemma Arterton is having quite a moment, particularly among the Britons. [GQ UK]

Night at the Museum: One video can now take you through every painting in the Museum of Modern Art in two minutes. And to think I almost walked there. [Josh Spear]

Grow a Beard, Young Man: Facial hair now makes you more trustworthy. Is there anything it can’t do? [GOOD]

A Singular Experience: The robot invasion has begun, through an oversized Mousetrap game. [Bits]