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Quantum Leap


We’re already more than hyped for *Quantum of Solace*, the new Bond film due in November, but before now we were relying on a teaser trailer and a few posters, which didn’t reveal much more than our protagonist’s preference for lightweight fabrics and heavyweight weaponry. Until now, that is.

The newly released trailer gives us a closer look at the sequel, a closer look at new Bond girl Gemma Arterton, and a glimpse at the surprising direction our favorite secret agent is heading. Apparently one place he’s heading is towards sequential plots; this one picks up right at the end of *Casino Royale*, with a heartbroken Bond out for vengeance. Unlike Connery’s Bond—whose relationship towards his companions was somewhat more casual—this Bond is shaping up to be mopey, vengeful and more than a little emo.

Not that we’re judging. We’d find Eva Green pretty hard to get over too.

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The New Bond Girl Next Door


Ah, the Bond Girl—intended as a paragon of her species, the female foil and flame of cinema's ultimate embodiment of masculinity says more about what we wish women were than what they are. Beginning with Ursula Andress (who emerged Aphrodite-like from the surf), the history of Bond's beauties is a long and luscious chronicle of our desires both sublime (Barbara Bach's Agent XXX) and ignoble (Denise Richards' Dr. Christmas Jones).

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