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Gay Talese on Well-Tailored Journalism, Filmic Watering Holes and Dressing Like Tintin

  • Kempt Staff


Honor Thy Tailor: Gay Talese explains how being a good writer is like being a good tailor: “make the stitching last.”

Drink It In: Ten iconic cinematic bars Cool Material would like to have a drink at—we’ll get the next round.

Tin Can: Todd Snyder finds some inspiration in Tintin’s international gumshoe cartoon style.

Eye Opening: GQ visits the brand-new minimalist eyewear shop from Garrett Leight that’s bright enough to make you want to wear sunglasses indoors.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Gay Talese

Gay Talese

Raise a glass for the old guard.

Our latest MOTH comes from Paris Review’s Spring Revel, which saw Gay Talese in classic form, complete with banker’s collar, English-style DB and martini in hand. We assume he left his hat at the coat check.

It’s a beautiful thing, not least because Talese has been hitting this circuit (and that cocktail) since before most of us were born. And the getup still looks good. A couple decades down the road, it’ll still look good, right down to the rumpled silk pocket square.

In other words, classic style has its benefits.

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