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Tommy Opens, eBay Fakes, White Pages and More

Jimmy Page

What Goes Around…: A Gauliter jacket was the big prize ($11,600) at a rare Paris vintage-menswear auction. [AP]

Green Jeans: Biodegraded denim recycled into auto fuel. Cargo pants still bound for landfills. [Treehugger]

Bidders Beware: Watch yourself when shopping for bargains on big-ticket jewelry gifts on eBay. [Family and Twist]

Big In Japan: A fascinating deconstruction of the market forces behind trends in the trend-happy East. [Clast]

Tom Tomorrow:: Is Hifiger SoHo bank or bust—decide for yourself on Thursday. [She Knows Best]

White Wizard: Men.Style gives a whole lotta love to Jimmy Page's silver fox look. We prefer Jimmy as pictured… [Material Interest]