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Anna, Julian, and Talk Talk


Save Faris: Anna Faris is consistently more interesting than her movies…with the possible exception of Scary Movie 4. [NYMag]

All You Want to Do Is Talk Talk: Steve Monaghan loves Talk Talk, as all true 80s aficionados must. [Selectism]

Hard Times: To put the recession in real, visceral terms: Julian Schnabel has had to sell one of his Picassos. It’s frightening stuff. [Luxist]

For Shame: We’re starting to get worried about Gary Coleman. [Vulture]

Rachel + Hayden, Roger + Congress and More


The Beard Next Door: The Christian Right has been searching for a "cure" for homosexuality for decades. Hayden Christensen discovered Rachel Bilson in a fraction of that time. [Gawker]

Candy Ass: The Naked Cowboy doing well in his suit against chocolatier, still regrettably underclothed. [NyMag]

What Chu Talkin' Bout?: Still button-cute, Gary Coleman proves there's a 22-year-old girl redhead out there for everyone. Aww. [NYPost]

Hallelujah: Christian sex toys—well fancy that. [NPR]

Throwing Gas: Roger Clemens embarrasses himself before Congress, then testifies. [Magnificent Bastard]

"Fly My Pretties! Fly!": Channeling The Wizard of Oz, Gareth Pugh sics flying monkeys on London. [FemaleFirst UK]

Tid Bites: Forget the sublime notebooks and cheeky mittens—Kate and Jack Spade's best debut during Fashion Week was the Smurf-sized breakfast. [Hamish Robertson]