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Gentlemanly Gardening, Surviving Coachella and Fleetwood Chat

  • Kempt Staff


Green Thumb: Everything you need to know about tending your garden—or planting your first—according to Men’s Journal.

Flying Coach: If our guide to staying cool at Coachella wasn’t enough, Four Pins has some advice on not being a “dickbag” at the show.

Return of the Mac: Details chats up Mick Fleetwood on their latest tour and what the sexiest Fleetwood Mac song might be. Hug It Out: A robotics school has developed a toggle coat that can mimic the sensation of being hugged by a significant other. That’s totally why menswear was created.

I Am the Cosmos


Consider this your horticultural head trip for the day. Dubbed “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation,” this Scottish garden is entirely devoted to blowing your mind. Unfortunately, it’s only open for dazed wandering one day a year, May 1st, giving you just enough time to book a flight and find a connection in Edinburgh.