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It’s Time to Play: Name. That. Khaki!

  • Kempt Staff
It’s Time to Play: Name. That. Khaki!

Chino season has returned. And with it, the plethora of khaki colors to choose from. Perhaps you’ve already been browsing for a new pair and stumbled upon the likes of Vintage Sand, Dusty Stone, Insouciant Taupe. But what’s in a name? Were any of those even real? It’s time to put your menswear acumen to the test and play a little game we’ve made up called...

Name. That. Khaki! Contestant Number One, come on down...

Go Beyond the Khaki Chino This Spring

  • Kempt Staff


Chinos are thick on the ground this time of year—and for good reason, so we’ll spare you the extolling of virtues.

You’re probably wearing a pair now. And it doesn’t matter what the fashion rags are telling you this year or the next, you’ll be breaking out the versatile cotton pants every spring from now until the sun burns out. But if you’re still clinging to the British khaki end of the spectrum, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to get a little bolder and embrace the colorful side of chinos—just about any shade will match a navy blazer. And we’ve rounded up the best on the market right now.

Herewith, the seven colorful chinos to consider for spring...»

The Nine Lightweight Scarves to Consider This Spring


Winter may very well be coming to a close, but your neck could still use some protecting.

Yet you’re going to want to swap out those chunky winter wool scarves for lighter, more spring-ready silk and selvedge options as the bracing cold makes way for the brisk. They’re exactly what you’ll need to navigate the sun-dependent temperature dichotomy—while lending you some extra handsomeness. And as usual, we’ve found for you the best of them on the market right now.

Now have a look at the nine lightweight scarves to consider this spring, after the jump...»

Stat Sheet: Christopher Bastin's Favorite Salsa...

  • Eric Twardzik

0917 Gant Salsa Welp, it’s finally that time of year when we start seeing the familiar fall things: heritage tweeds, thick cable-knits and... seasonal salsas.

Okay, that last one’s just at Gant Rugger, where they’ve teamed up with the Brooklyn Salsa Company to launch “The Rugger.” Here’s the need-to-know.

The Story: Salsa has been a dinner-party staple since the Mayans prepared it by mashing tomatoes and peppers with a mortar and pestle. Wait, you knew that already. Re: this salsa: the Brooklyn Salsa Company starting mixing their own in a Bushwick loft, and the rest was delicious, spicy history.

Who to Channel: Butch Cassidy and Sundance snacking in a smoky Bolivian cantina; an Argentine beef magnate raising a tortilla chip as he surveys his empire.

When to Eat It: Whenever you damn well please. And ideally, near some kind of tequila or michelada situation.

Degree of Difficulty: Low to medium, depending on your spice tolerance.

After the jump: a moment of inspiration.»