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Your Spring Awakening Begins Now: The Checklist

  • Najib Benouar

Spring Menswear

Wednesday marks the vernal equinox and thus the official end to winter and beginning of spring.

Which means you’ve basically got this week to check off any lingering items on your winter bucket list, and then get yourself fully into spring mode. (And you know what that means: the reappearance of sundresses. Lovely, lovely sundresses.)

So, during this week, we’re helping you out with a little series we like to call “Your Spring Awakening.” And we begin with your spring preparedness guide (you may want to print this out and tape it to your bathroom mirror).

Herewith, everything you should have done by week’s end.»

Weathering a Hurricane in Style

  • Najib Benouar

A superstorm... the Frankenstorm... Sandy.

Whatever you’re calling the hurricane headed toward the Northeast this weekend, things are promising to get very wet, very quickly. So to weather this storm—and the ever-looming danger of torrential downpour this time of year—we’ve come up with a few integral upgrades to your rain gear that should keep you stylishly dry without looking like a rain-slicker-wrapped Gorton’s Fisherman (though not a bad last-minute Halloween costume idea). Even if that means braving a few errant drops or an oversized puddle—and taking it all in stride.

Upping your rain gear in five easy steps, courtesy of Kempt.»

The Rites of Spring


Naturally, we’re big fans of style. But sometimes the best thing about an item is what you can do with it.

Tretorn’s latest galosh does just about everything you’d hope: tasteful colors, striking white lines and generally something every bit as stylish as whatever you’re slipping them over.

But as usual, we’re most excited about what it would look like stomping through the latest batch of puddles.

Splashing Around


Now that your shoe collection is properly established, it may be time to start thinking about protection. After all, slush season is almost upon us.

Josh Spear suggests these galoshes, which have the distinct advantage of ending just above the ankle, meaning your pants are fair game, but you won’t be lugging around an unwieldy half-pound of rubber all day. Plus, they’re from our friends at Tretorn, so the extra touches like striped rubber souls are enough to give it a touch of style.

At least enough to keep your socks dry.



As we enter the rainy season, it’s worth considering the options for a well-shod gentleman on a rainy day.

Galoshes, naturally, are out of the question. While it can be quirky and striking on a young enough woman, the solid rubber boot has always been overkill. The naked shoe, on the other hand, is just asking for it.

That’s why we’re glad we ran across Swims, a lightweight slip-on that will cover those crucial bottom three inches of shoe most vulnerable to soaking. Slip a few into the bottom of your briefcase and you may be able to make it through the season with your shoes fully intact.

Swims [via Uncrate]