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Gisele Heals, Magic and More


Department of Orthopedics: Tom Brady, spotted in a walking cast yesterday, is now walking tall and visiting Earnest Sewn after spending time with paramour extraordinaire Giselle Bunchen. Seems on top of everything else, the woman has miraculous healing powers.[NYPost]

Fashion is MAGIC!!!: If by "magic" you mean walking the Vegas Convention Center listlessly for hours on end, then, yes, it is magic. [Fibre2Fashion]

Model Abuse: Galliano flagrantly disregards the Geneva Convention. [The Moment]

French Tips: More trends at Paris Fashion Week. [AFP]

Public Support: It's been said Vietnam was lost when Walter Cronkite declared it a stalemate. Similarly, Brit anchor Jeremy Paxman is rallying a nation against sagging drawers. [Life and Health]

Gang Signs: Wu-Tang brand necklaces, rings and earrings for you, your crew and all them hos. [Freshness Magazine]

Louis' Lucre: In other Hip-hop bling news, take a gander at Pharrell's Louis Vuitton jewelry line. [High Snobiety]

Brownie Points: Refinery29 begins their newest countdown video series with Mr. Thom Browne. [Refinery29]