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Miranda Kerr Is Statuesque

Evil Celebrities: A set of 13 star-studded short films running down the different types of villain you’ll encounter in movies. Brad Pitt and Gary Oldman are especially terrifying. [NYTimes]

The Gadgetry Gift: In case our own exhaustive gift guide wasn’t enough, here’s a more gadget-oriented take on your gift options. [The Wirecutter]

King Denimhead: Maurizio Donadi of Levi’s names the perfect pair of jeans. The bad news: they’re from the ’40s. [Hypebeast]

Out in the Wild: WaxWane just kicked off Expedition Week, which means we get to see some extremely handsome pics from the early days of Nigel Cabourn. [WaxWane]

Rachelle is Tailgating

Peak Gadget: Are we passed the age of all-important gadgets? We certainly hope so. [CrunchGear]

Fake Flowers: A walkthrough of the quirkier lapel pins the world has to offer. [Die, Workwear]

Wisdom of the Ages: Packing your suitcase with the wisdom of the flight attendants. Impressive stuff. [Lifehacker]

Riding the Snake: A photographer takes us into the bizarre world of snake-handlers. They’re better dressed than we expected. [Cool Hunting]

Up in Smoke


We usually stay pretty far away from smokeless cigarettes—the “chemical kazoo” aspect kills it for us—but the pushback against public smoking may finally have created a device so strange, we have no choice but to take notice. Here’s a summary: there’s tobacco, and there are drags, but there doesn’t seem to be any smoke.

Naturally, magic is involved»

The Mouse that Roared


Computer peripherals tend to be a bit lacking in the way of design sense, but there’s always the exception...

This brushed steel optical mouse from VAIO is one of the better-looking pieces of computer equipment we’ve seen so far, at least among those without an apple on them. And given the amount of time you spend moving a mouse around each day, it’s worth it to get one with a bit of style to it.

Unfortunately, like most enviable gadgets, at the moment you’ll only find it in Japan.

In the Surf


Pointless gadgetry has a real track record with most dads, so we thought we’d add this timepiece to the Father’s Day pile.

Of course, it’ll help if pop’s a surfer. The Quiksilver Deep X works as a compass, heat timer and virtual thermometer, but the real prize is the tide data stored up for thousands of prime surf spots throughout the world, all of which should put his Timex to shame. Not every Dad’s got a yen for useless info gathering, but if he does, this is one of the better ways to get it.

Playing Telephone


Apple just finished their annual developer conference, where they rolled out a new line of MacBooks and the iPhone 3GS, but otherwise the pickings were pretty slim.

There were a handful of new features that non-Apple firms have been refining for years (voice commands, MMS, and remote medical tech among others) along with a long string of incremental updates, but the most impressive function was something they picked up from a 30 Rock episode. Absent-minded techies: your time has come.

Find out why»

A Handsome Devil


On the Shelf: Refinery29 raids their DVD shelf for some of the strangest sex scenes on celluloid. [Refinery29]

The Man in the Fog: Michael Bastian gets a glowing profile in today’s style section. Judging from the photos, his apartment’s also quite tasteful. [NYTimes]

Getting a Buzz On: Buzz Aldrin reveals himself to be quite the man of style, which goes some way towards explaining this. [Material Interest]

History in the Making: On the off-chance this is the only blog you read, there's something called the Palm Pre... [Gizmodo]

Radio Free England


Internet radios like this one have been a favorite with the CES crowd for some time, but they haven’t quite had the content to break through to the mainstream. A box lets you stream audio feeds through something a bit more lush than computer speakers, but so far, most of the feeds come from FM stations, which isn’t quite tempting enough to make us toss out our antennas.

But it’s coming along. Amazing Radio (via PSFK) just launched in the UK with a roster of all unsigned artists. The artists get the lion’s share of the mp3 sales, but mostly they get some much-needed exposure and a chance to get their songs on the airwaves…or audio streams, as the case may be.

Of course, the jury’s still out on their choice in bands…but at least they won’t have to worry about keeping their signal clear.

La Vie en Noir


Film Noir: Speaking of Ms. Cotillard, she just became the new face of Dior, for a Hitchcock-esque promo short due out later this summer. Hopefully, singing is involved. [PSFK]

The Gadget Life: Decoding the gadget hype with David Pogue. [NYTimes]

Sing a Simple Song: Cameron Crowe’s favorite movie moments. Elton John is pleasantly absent. [Empire Online]

The Changing of the Guard: NPH takes the Tony mantle from Hugh Jackman. We’ve always thought he would make a good Wolverine. [Vulture]

It’s Full of Stars


Google’s been showing a healthily geeky interest in astronomy ever since they turned Google Earth skyward, but we never thought of what they could do with a smartphone…

Consider us pleasantly surprised. Google just capped off its annual Searchology conference with a sneak peek at a new mobile app called SkyMap, a constellation-finder program that makes finding the big dipper as easy as holding up your phone.

The app gives you a mobile map to the stars that’s responsive to the location and direction of the phone, which means you should always know exactly what you’re looking at. And if you’ve got a particular constellation in mind (Capricorn is always a crowd favorite), the app will point you directly to it. Of course, it's not the first electronic map to the stars, but it's the first one that's integrated so smoothly with the actual sky.

It’s still pretty far from mass production, but when it makes it through, it should be one of the more impressive mobile apps around…and a potential killer app for Android phones.

See the demo video after the jump»

On the Road


At long last, we have arrived at CES…but unfortunately the mighty power of Energi-to-Go was not enough to force the airline industry into competence. So, after a five-hour delay and various fun with baggage handlers, we were greeted with the disheartening scene above. Although the subwoofer arch from Vibe does look pretty awesome.

Expect our savage journey into the heart of consumer electronics to continue with a little more gusto tomorrow.

And in case you’re curious about the logo on that coffin/speaker in the middle»

On the Move


The world isn’t all work boots and cardigans, so as of next Wednesday, we’re heading off to Vegas’ own Consumer Electronics Show to scout out a few new gadgets for the new year.

As for how we’re getting there, we’ve found a brand new gadget to pay our way. Say hello to Energi To Go, an egg-shaped trinket powerful enough to charge your phone or blackberry for nine hours or send your favorite blogger to the adult entertainment capital of the world. It runs on two AA batteries, and contains more than 130 square miles of gambling, vice, and generally raucous revelry.

Clearly, we’re very excited.