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Scarlett Davis Loves Her Bedspread

Glory Days: The tumultuous life of Mickey Mantle, as told by LIFE. [LIFE]

Northwestern Promises: Blackbird’s new stock of Creep is looking pretty good. [Blackbird]

The Fur Goes on the Outside: The Fug Girls runs down a brief, illustrated history of man fur. Attempt it at your own risk. [Vulture]

The Machines Have Won: We are now living in a world with flying, juggling robot helicopters. Adjust your lives accordingly. [Fast Company]

Loose Fur


Adidas’ Rod Laver has seen a lot of different variations over the year, but the latest version is enough to catch our eye. It seems like furriness is having quite a renaissance in the sneaker world. If you count these Vans, that makes for just one shy of a trend. We’re guessing Spike Jonze has something to do with it…

Brigitte Bardot’s Still Got It


Vintage Gear: A new set of Brigitte Bardot pics shows her softer side. We’ll always have Contempt… [Art Knowledge News]

On the Rocks: Barneys may be in line for another bankruptcy, just fifteen years after the last one. [Bloomberg]

Furries: A guide to men in fur coats. We’ll help summarize: just don’t. [Magnificent Bastard]

It’s Close to Midnight: If you want to see 13,000 people doing the Thriller dance in a public place, click here. That is all. [Neatorama]

Loose Threads: Vegas Edition


While we heartily enjoyed our stay in Vegas, we couldn’t help but notice that as a style town…things are getting a little sloppy.

It’s not all that surprising. Having made its name on excess of every kind, we don’t expect the Las Veganese to suddenly embrace subtly refined tailoring or jackets that aren’t covered in fur...but it's still much much worse than we thought. These snaps both come from the MGM Grand’s Bernini and offer a more serious warning than we ever could. It would be nice to try on, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

Light on your Feet


We like our leather jacket as much as anyone, and the occasional exotic touch isn’t the worst thing in the world. But this is just awful.

Leaving aside the flat-out grotesqueness and the unnatural splay of the digits, anything that leaves dead claws brushing gently against a woman's neck is bound to be a bad idea.

Quite frankly, we’re creeped out just looking at it.

Prada's Revenge, Squiring Bosworth and The Fur Flies

Kate Bosworth

Vengeance is Hers: Guy Trebay reports that Miuccia Prada called her new collection, "revenge on men for the social and sartorial contortions they impose on women." Run you fools. [NY Times]

Blue Crush: Kate Bosworth's beau asked if she was Kate Hudson when they first met. Great "neg" dude. [NY Observer]

Wooly Bullies: There is no escaping the fur. [AFP]

Shoe Shine: The bestest sneaker polish kit ever. [Cool Hunting]

Hot Wrap: "Gossip Girl" character drives sales of polka-dot J.Press scarf. [Racked]

Hip Waders: The new Levis Red line—jeans for anime characters.[Denimology]

Bye Bye, Miu Miu: Prada discontinues the men's side of their bridge line. [WWD, 1st item]

Designer Knocks Off: Margareta ven den Bosch, the longtime head of design at H+M is retiring and being replaced by pupil Ann-Sofie Johansson. Now, maybe, that Ma and Pa shop can finally sell some clothes. [DNR]