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Bright Ideas


We may have been a little premature in calling the summer for the canvas chukka. This afternoon we got word on F-Troupe’s new crop of summer sneakers, and it’s more familiar than we thought. After turning out one of our favorite canvas oxfords last year, they’ve turned their attention to the saddle shoe.

The result is a cartoonish twist on one of trad cobbling’s more whimsical items. (Mr. McNairy would be proud...we think.) And while the hues might be a bit too bright for anyone hell-bent on being taken seriously, we doubt you’ll run into too many of them at the beach.

Off White


The season for white canvas shoes is almost upon us, and luckily F-Troupe is fully prepared.

Of course, you’ll have to manage bringing it over from Paris (and navigating the European shoe sizing chart), but the flash of color in the laces and soles should make it worth your while. There are also blue, green, and purple versions, but we’re going with the one that matches our Thriller jacket.

Deck Hands


The deck shoe is enough of a staple that it’s about time we started giving it a few twists. F-Troupe has a good idea with these Crepe Deck Boots, going after the leather lacing that sets the boots apart.

Adding a few extra loops is simple enough business, but it changes it from the usual preppy standard into something a bit more rugged.