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The New Yorker Archive’s Five Best Style Reads

  • Kempt Staff


We mentioned this a couple weeks ago when it happened, but we finally had some time to really dig deep into the newly unveiled New Yorker Archive recently and found a handful of stylish reads.

From Capote profiling Brando in 1957 to a 2010 visit to the Prince of Solomeo, otherwise known as Brunello Cucinelli, here are the five handsomest long-reads from the New Yorker Archive...»

Exclamation Points Are Like Car Horns

You may have seen a lot of these lately...

Until the late 1970s, the exclamation point (also known as a “dembanger” or “dog’s cock”) was not featured on standard typewriters. Instead, one typed a period, backspaced and then typed an apostrophe. While this made for rather crooked conclusions to imperative clauses, it also compelled the writer to give pause before employing what, in our opinion, has since become the most overused key on the QWERTY board.

And texting has only made things worse. In finalizing plans for a first date, a colleague was recently scolded by his companion for texting “See you tonight.” She felt his use of the period—or, to be more eye-rollingly specific, his omission of the exclamation point(s)—implied he wasn’t excited to meet her.

He soon wasn’t. Here’s why»

Freida Pinto is Hungry Like the Wolf

Cash, Money, Clothes: Jesse Thorn’s love of fine tailoring gets him in trouble with haters, forcing him to drop some science. [Put This On]

Borne Back Ceaselessly into Menswear: A style appreciation of F. Scott Fitzgerald. We’ll say it: the man could pull off a three-piece. [Apartment Therapy]

A Growing Demographic: Seven ruthlessly calculated pitches for TV ads to appeal to the stoner market. “Finish with a clip of a coconut being drunk through a straw by a monkey sitting next to a waterfall and four seconds of an MGMT song where they aren’t talking about trees.” [GOOD]

On the Case: The Brooks Brothers guide to your work bag. Whether you wear a suit to work turns out to be pretty important. [Rogues & Gentlemen]

Lady &amp The Vamp

  • Jared Paul Stern

We don't want to be unkind - oh, fuck it, why not? - but doesn't this snap of weather-beaten couture king Valentino clutching a radiant and youthful Keira Knightley have more than touch of the [Nosferatu]( about it? The knockout Knightley bore up well we have to say, at a screening of her new flick *The Duchess* hosted by *Vogue* and Chanel the other night.

In the flick she plays the randy snob Georgina Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, the latest in what seems an unending streak of period roles. After yet another version of *King Lear*, she's set to star in an adaptation of one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's worst books, *The Beautiful and Damned* - which come to think of it makes a pretty good caption for this photo.