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Man of the Hour: Zac Posen

mothposen_crop.jpgvia GoaG

The outfits on display at high-fashion parties are usually beyond the reach of mere mortals, but we managed to find an exception at French Vogue’s 90th Anniversary party.

Behold Zac Posen, a black velvet tux and a white silk scarf.

The tux is quite handsome, but what makes it for us is the scarf. It’s the kind of Edwardian flourish you rarely see, even on black tie occasions—see also: the top hat—and elevates a simple tux into something much more interesting.

If you decide to try this one at home, be warned: finding a suitable scarf is a whole lot easier than finding a suitable tux. In addition to a perfect fit (and peak lapels, please), you’re going to want a jacket with as little sheen as possible to let the scarf stand out. It’s harder than it looks…but that’s why it’s MOTH-wothy.

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