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Coming to America: Officine Generale

  • Najib Benouar

Officine Generale

Our friends over at UrbanDaddy bring word that the elusive French menswear label Officine Generale has finally made its way to the states—and more importantly, the Internet. Which is fantastic news for the state of rakishness everywhere.

See, thanks to Tumblr, Instagram and Pitti Uomo, it can sometimes seem like there’s an endless supply of achingly handsome menswear readily available for the taking. But most of the good stuff is actually sitting folded neatly just out of the Internet’s reach in some incredibly well-guarded menswear Eden between Milan and Naples that you’ll never find.

Which is why we were pleasantly surprised to hear tell of Officine Generale making landfall on American soil, by way of SF’s Unionmade. It’s a good chunk of those blazers and poplin shirts that you’ve seen reblogged hundreds of times on Tumblr since the label’s January 2012 inception but have been otherwise untraceable. Meaning it’s not exactly menswear for the faint of wardrobe, but it is a good place to look if you’re feeling like a hickory-stripe blazer with four patch pockets is the sort of direction you’d like to go in this summer.

And if it is, here’s a closer look at some of our favorites.»

A Summer Drink You Should Know and Love: Pastis

  • Najib Benouar

The best drinks always involve a bit of ritual when consuming them. And the upcoming Bastille Day weekend has reminded us of a simple yet refreshingly summery drink we picked up in the South of France: pastis.

The main ingredient is a star-anise-based liquor born from France’s 18th-century ban on absinthe—it’s still got the complex, herbaceous flavor without the ear-lopping strength or need for a flaming cube of sugar to get it down. It’s an acquired taste (vaguely like black licorice), but once you embrace the cooling effect of the bright anise notes, you’ll have found your new summer rooftop accomplice. First and foremost, you’ll want to know how to enjoy it properly.

Grab a bottle of ice-cold spring water and meet us after the jump.»

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Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



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