Few industries are as inextricably linked to men’s grooming (or, as the case may be, lack of men’s grooming) than music. Whether it’s Little Richard’s curls or the mop-headed young Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show or ZZ Top’s cone-beards or the staggering amount of hair spray bottles depleted on glam-rock tours throughout the ’80s, one thing is certain: how you cut it as a musician has a lot to do with how you cut it as a groomer.

The fact is, we’d have some strong (to quite strong) grooming notes for Freddie Mercury—if he were anyone other than Freddie Mercury. Front men of stadium-packing mega-bands tragically taken before their time most certainly deserve a pass from random men’s style bloggers.

That’s not to say we endorse Freddie’s armpits… »

ALL High and Tight