Easy Marc: Fake Marc Jacobs ads come from real jokers. [Forbes]

The Great Divide: H+M line *Divided* opens it’s first standalone store in the English-speaking world. No news yet on a US location. [Vogue

Monarchist Republic: In other Brit boutique news, The Banana Republic opens it’s first store in England. No news yet on a US location. [Telegraph

Vandalism: We might just have to break some windows
and steal these new Raf Simons boots. [ href="">Hypebeast]

“From Caped Crusaders to Hoodies”: Sounds like Middle
School to us. No, seriously, read on. [ href="">WSJ]

Board Liar: Some clever jasper was fronting like he
was a board member of the Gucci Group. Why didn’t we think of that?
Might have had something to do with 20 years of hard time. [ href="">DNRNews]

Fred’s Flair: Are you properly dressed for Fred
Rogers Sweater Day? [ href="">Huffington

Fashion Police: India has banned “Fashion Television”
(which, frankly, we thought had been cancelled years ago). Next time
you’re watching models traipsing down a runway on the tube, just
remember how lucky you are to be an American. [ href="">MeriNews]

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