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Timepiece Tuesday: Raymond Weil Maestro Frank Sinatra

  • Kempt Staff
Timepiece Tuesday: Raymond Weil Maestro Frank Sinatra

Legendary musician and man of style Frank Sinatra would’ve turned 100 this year. And to commemorate his centennial, musically inclined watchmaker Raymond Weil made a special edition of their Maestro dress watch. More often than not, tribute items are more about cashing in on a name than actually making something worth wearing, but they did a good job of making this watch thoughtful, understated and, most importantly: something that wouldn’t look out of place on the wrist of a Rat Packer.

Let’s take a closer look...

The 58 Greatest Hawaiian Shirts of All Time

Hawaiian shirts

Fact: it takes quite the set of cojones to pull off wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Also fact: most men don’t have ’em.

That being said, there are some real pros out there who do. And right now, we’d like to honor these brave souls who’ve unwaveringly taken up the charge. Through painstaking research—no scene left unexamined, no paparazzi shot ignored—we’ve uncovered the best and boldest examples of tropical-print artistry. A testament to confidence, these men are standards to aspire to. (At least when it comes to visually making a statement.)

So without further ado, and in no particular order, we present to you the 58 greatest Hawaiian shirts, ever.»

Style Icons and Their Mothers

  • Kempt Staff

Mother's Day

Here’s your last reminder that Sunday is Mother’s Day, gentlemen.

And to kick off the weekend of maternal appreciation right, we turn to some of our favorite style icons for some dapper inspiration on how to get into the spirit of filial gratitude...

With this handsome montage of style icons hanging out with their mothers.»

Befriending Frank Sinatra and Making the Case Against Scarves

  • Kempt Staff

Pressing Matter: Richard Press of legendary men’s shop J. Press tells the story of his fleeting friendship with Frank Sinatra over on Ivy Style.

Sole Man: Hypebeast goes inside the Red Wing factory with this video on how the boot makers mold their soles.

Scarf Face: Deadspin takes a hard-line stance against scarves, claiming the only reason for their continued existence is entry-level knitting.

Strong Suit: Gilt Manual gets some pointers on con man style from White Collar star Matt Bomer.

Style Icons Rallying for Civil Rights

  • Najib Benouar

The civil rights movement was born out of an ugly time in US history, but we’ll be damned if it didn’t make for some good-looking protesters.

With the always-impeccable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading the way, a sea of crisp suits, skinny ties and Wayfarers led our country into equality. In honor of the great man and movement, we dug through the archives and were surprised to find a handsome lot of style icons also heading up the charge for civil rights—a veritable who’s who of impossibly cool gentlemen—everyone from Brando and Newman to Belafonte, Dylan and Davis Jr. Hell, even Charlton Heston got in on the action. It’s as if somehow impassioned, selfless endeavoring has a way of adding an extra layer of dapperness—not to mention being on the right side of history.

Now presenting: A Pictorial Demonstration of Style Icons Rallying for Civil Rights.»

Style Icons Spoiling a Perfectly Good Walk

Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and Groucho Marx, Palm Springs, CA, 1954

It may prove a bit tricky to duck out of the office this week for a twilight round of golf, given that we’re coming off a 10-day Fourth of July sabbatical. To tide you over, we now present, in no particular order, 18 photos of style icons spoiling a perfectly good walk.

Gunga galunga...»

The Five Best Toupees of All Time

It’s been two years since Andre Agassi shocked the world by admitting that his flowing locks of “image is everything” hair were, in fact, a toupee. And while we’ve battled trust issues ever since, we’ve also gained a lot more respect for gentlemen who successfully pull off (or avoid pulling off, as the case may be) a man wig.

Man’s insecurity about hair loss can be dated back to 1 BC, when the Roman poet Ovid wrote: “Ugly are hornless bulls, a field without grass is an eyesore, so is a tree without leaves, so is a head without hair.” Not the most eloquent poem we’ve ever read, but given the subject matter, a bit of syllabic clumsiness seems apt.

While our suggested course of action in almost every hair-thinning scenario involves a Propecia prescription and a tightly trimmed cut, today we’d like to celebrate, in photos, the five best toupees of all time.

Burt Reynolds, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Ted Danson and Andre Agassi.»

Some People Just Love the Mail

Stitch After Stitch: Michael Williams tours Isaia’s Napoli factory, one handmade buttonhole at a time. [A Continuous Lean]

The Secret Agent: A few style tips from the James Bonds of the world. First, you’re going to need an underwater car. [Esquire]

Ring a Ding Ding: A thoughtful look back at Sinatra’s 60s work, for anyone who’s ever felt behind the times. [A.V. Club]

The Leather Men: A tour of Tanner Goods Portland headquarters. So, so much leather. [Cool Hunting]

Happy Birthday, Marilyn

Marilyn Monroevia WBE

And the Suiting Is Easy: Three handsome summer suits, courtesy of Deets. Nothing mind-blowing here, but very sharp all around. [Details]

The Chairman Speaks: A dug-up doc on Frank Sinatra from 1965, making a strong claim on the next 32 minutes of your life. [Brain Pickings]

Sewn Up: The Blackbird guide to sewing the buttons back onto your shirt after you’ve ripped it open in a fit of passion. [Valet]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Intimidation: A supercut of the 100 greatest film threats of all time. We advise that you not mess with the bull. [Pajiba]

Traveling Heavy


We like stuff, really—but you don’t need all that much of it.

Take the example of Temple Fielding, the America’s preeminent travel guide to post-war Europe and a man who knew how to pack a hell of a suitcase. Setting off for five months in Europe, he’d manage to fit all his vital gear into two suitcases and two carry-ons—just enough for one person to carry.

This post from Douglas Mack details exactly what he threw in there, and it’s an edifying peek into the gentlemanly essentials circa 1968.

Take a peek inside those overflowing suitcases»

Miranda Kerr is Undressing in a 1970s Car Commercial


Hello Again: If there are television cameras anywhere around your workplace, maybe wait until you get home to click through. [GQ]

Swing, Man: Frank Sinatra’s advice to George Michael, circa 1990. It’s every bit as awesome as you think. [Letters of Note]

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: The creator of the chocolate-chip ice cream sandwich has passed on. We’ll have one in his honor tonight. [Village Voice]

Two Men and One Guitar: Esquire floats the Black Keys as the best rock band in America. Jack White would probably have something to say about that. [Esquire]

The Misfit


The Last of the Bombshells: A few more Marilyn snaps surface. We’re game, as always. [Refinery29]

On Ice: Daniel Craig is now available in popsicle form. No, we don’t know why either. [Vulture]

The Barbarian: WSJ’s brand new culture blog weighs in on O’Brien’s brand new Tonight Show. It’s the dawn of two new eras. [Speakeasy]

Tears of a Clown: Ol’ Blue Eyes apparently fancied himself quite the painter. The rest of the world…not so much. [Luxist]

Kate’s Spread, Empty Seats, and Quiet Malls


The Magazine Reader: Kate Winslet takes a break from playing Nazis and willful housewives to pose for Elle UK. [FashionIndie]

The Cheap Seats: The economic collapse should mean cheap tickets for sports fans…but the halftime show will be two hobos wrestling for food. [DailyIntel]

Retail Hell: The indoor mall may be going the way of the automat. But where will we keep our food courts? [Luxist]

Old Vegas: Some Sinatra memories from Wayne Newton, of all people. How anyone confused him with a mobster is beyond us. [Esquire]