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A House of Cards Master Class in Power Suiting


Last Friday, just in time for Presidents’ Day weekend, Netflix released Season 2 of its deliciously sinister, DC-centric original series, House of Cards. But... you already knew that. In fact, you probably spent your day off binge-watching all 13 scheming, Spacey-filled episodes, didn’t you?

Not to worry; so did we.

And now that we’ve made it out of the rabbit hole, we’d like to look back at the on-screen style of the series’ not-to-be-fucked-with master of ceremonies. Because while that old adage might say to “dress for the job you want,” he’s got a thing or two to teach us about dressing for the job you’ll do anything to get.

Your next-level power suiting primer from House of Cards’ Frank Underwood, after the jump...»