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Digging For Fire

forest fire lookout

On the heels of our ode to cabin life, we couldn’t resist passing along this batch of photos from Tom Persinger, detailing one of the cooler jobs in the world: forest fire lookout. These lucky gentlemen get to spend all day in cabins on top of Montana’s highest peaks, gazing out at the woodsy expanse below and making sure none of it’s on fire. Someone’s gotta do it.

The Forest Primeval


It’s easy to forget how simple art can be. Really, we just want to see something pleasant. And the foggier the better.

So when a Danish photographer offers us a walk through the woods (via NotCot), we’re always willing to take it. Think of it as a bit of artistic tourism, courtesy of Kim Høltermand. If you happen to be stuck in urban surroundings—and we’re betting you are—it’s good to remember what the rest of the world looks like.

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Quite a Hike

The wardrobe is a toolbox. You’ve got suits for work (sometimes), a set of lazy Sunday gear, and a whole range in between for wherever you end up. Style isn’t a matter of owning nice things so much as properly diagnosing each situation and gearing up appropriately.

All of which goes a long way towards explaining how hiking boots got to where they are today. You wouldn’t want to wear them to a cocktail party, but if you’ve got a cabin somewhere, it would be hard to do better than these.

Wee House on the Prairie


The idea of cashing out and moving to a cabin in the woods is getting more and more appealing each day. And if you feel like leaving behind all your possessions, you’re probably looking for something minimalist…

Allow us to introduce Weehouse, a St. Paul-based firm that’s managed to turn modular pre-fab housing into a genuinely attractive option. The houses come fully assembled and furnished, and the flat rate means you know exactly how much you’ll pay. Prices range from $65,000 to $255,000 for a quadruple-sized three-bedroom unit.

They also do custom work under the name Alchemy, but you can find carpenters anywhere. Finding a good cabin is quite a bit harder.

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