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Six Menswear Collaborations We Hope to See in 2013

  • Najib Benouar

High-end fashion designers collaborating with mall brands wasn’t new in 2012, but it definitely made a big impact on menswear this year—the Gaps, the Targets, the H&Ms went all GQ, Odin and Margiela on the average consumer in the past year.

In 2013, we expect even more high-low collaborations. And since we’re essentially menswear soothsayers, we decided to let you know what to look forward to.

Without further ado, Kempt’s predictions for the big menswear collaborations of 2013.»

Leah de Wavrin Is Making Sand Angels

  • Najib Benouar

Workwear That Works: The Carhartt Heritage lookbook is in—with healthy doses of both duck canvas and beards. [Hypebeast]

A Scotsman’s Advice: The Late Late slot can be a rough gig, but old Craig Ferguson seems to always make the best of it. (Like taking the show to his homeland.) [Vulture]

Pictures Worth a Thousand Bucks: Esquire gives us a look at the makings of a limited-edition Leica from Hermès. It’ll make your pictures more handsome. [Esquire]

Toy Story: Henry Ford decided he needed a wooden convertible to drive to his beach house. And the rest is history. [Driven]

Drag Days


Ford just opened up its image archive to let more than 5000 classic pics onto the web, including this drag safari snap featuring a pair of hot rods circa 1954. In case you didn't have anything planned for the next few hours...

Going Vintage


There’s something magical about cars made before the advent of anti-lock brakes, power steering, and rudimentary safety equipment. It may not get you to Ferrari speeds, but the first actor to pull up to the red carpet in a Model A deserves all the attention he can get. At least you know he was clever enough to find one.

Oddly enough, eBay has become the go-to spot for vintage cars, so if you’ve got an empty spot in your garage and ten thousand dollars to blow through, you might want to take a look. This 1931 Model A wouldn’t be a bad place to start for some depression-chic…but we imagine you’ll find an even better place to finish.