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A Master Class on Bow Ties, Courtesy of Sterling Draper Campbell

  • Najib Benouar

A handful of glamorous black-and-whites were unleashed on the Internet with yesterday’s announcement of Mad Men’s season six return—and while the majority of chatter has centered on Pete Campbell’s burgeoning muttonchops, we noticed something else worth noting: a depiction of the full spectrum of bow tie shapes in one single snap.

Now, no matter what Big Bow Tie would like to have you believe, there are really only three shapes of bow tie: the batwing, butterfly and diamond-point (or, as our friends at Forage Haberdashery like to call them: arrowheads). And the photo above has the perfect example of the subtle differences among all three. Most obvious is Roger Sterling’s diamond-point, but here’s where the nuance comes into play: Don is wearing a batwing—signified by its straight, slim blades that don’t get too much wider than the knot—while Pete is wearing a butterfly, or “thistle,” that creates a much more pronounced and rounder appearance akin to its namesake’s wings. It’s a lesson worth learning for the cravat-inclined, but as you can see, there’s really no wrong choice.

And just in case you’d like to see how the rest of the party went, here’s the rest of the photos.»

Ties from Philly: Forage Haberdashery

  • Najib Benouar

Here’s a late-breaking addition to yesterday’s hard-hitting report from the menswear trading floor at Capsule New York.

One of the standouts: Forage Haberdashery, a Philadelphian outfit that’s handcrafting ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs out of deadstock fabrics—everything from denim to linen. Their (hunter-gatherer-themed) spring line is still in the works, but there’s already a good smattering of neckwear in the webshop. Consider the photo above your sneak preview.

Another shot of their booth at Capsule after the jump.»