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It’s Time for a Pre-Winter Tune-Up

  • Kempt Staff


Not to get too apocalyptic on you, but... winter is coming.

And you ought to be prepared—your trusty jacket might need reproofing, your parka could probably use a bit more down fill and your leather shoes need to be steeled for the snow and salt that will be on the ground before you know it (just ask South Carolina).

So we’ve put together this quick-and-handy guide on how to tune up your gear for winter...»

The Six Boots to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


From around this time of year until the ground thaws next spring, you’re going to want a few more inches of rubber and leather between your feet and the ground.

And whether you’re kicking through leaves on the way to the office, the cabin or the pumpkin patch, a trusty pair of boots is necessary. So we’ve rounded up an assortment of handsomely rugged leaf-kickers for your many fall-to-winter adventures...

Here are the six boots to consider this season.»

The Five Things You Need from Accompany

  • Najib Benouar


With all of the new socially conscious brands out there these days, you can find just about everything your daily wardrobe requires—but you’ve got to know where to look for the more dapper stuff.

That’s where new webshop Accompany comes in. They’ve already done all of the sourcing and vetting for you—meaning you can hop on their site and shop like you would any other webshop, knowing that whatever you end up with will be fulfilling the tenets of social consciousness and handsomeness. In other words, you can’t go wrong.

Especially when going with one of the following.»

A Foolproof Guide to Spring Shoe Care

  • Najib Benouar


This weekend is about the time you’ll want to relegate the heavy footwear to the back of the closet in search of your snuffed suede and cotton.

But before you just toss them into a dark corner for the next six months, you should give them a good once-over. And same goes for the shoes you’re pulling out—things have probably gotten a little musty since last September.

Luckily we’ve got your foolproof guide to spring shoe care, right here...»

The Sneakers You’ll Be Wearing This Spring... and Fall

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


We’ve seen the future of your footwear, and it’s right here. The gents over at The Hill-side took us through their upcoming spring/fall collections and, aside from the standout selvedge indigo covert stripe they’re using just about everywhere, the real star is their new sneaker collection.

It’s the first time they’re delving into footwear independently and they’ve done a stellar job—sourcing materials and construction from the best of Japan. They’ve got low-tops hitting the shelves for spring, and a range of high-tops and chukkas coming for fall ’14.

Take a peek at some of our favorites after the jump.»

23 Ways to Monk Strap

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Consider the monk strap. Holy. Strappy. Fits nicely on your feet.

They’re the jack-of-all-trades of footwear: a dressed-up high shine for your company’s holiday party, a casual snuff suede for a Sunday stroll in the park, maybe a middle-of-the-road cap toe for the boardroom.

With so many options/so many occasions, navigating these waters can be tricky—so we went ahead and compiled the essential guide to monk-strapage.

Check out all 23 after the jump.»