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The Real Winners of Last Night’s NFL Draft

  • Kempt Staff


A few 20-year-olds became millionaires last night.

And while the sports pundits and analysts were fussing over where Johnny Football was going to land in the first round of the NFL draft, we were keeping an eye on the menswear. Considering the shaky track record of athlete style, we were pleasantly surprised to see these young men out there flourishing. No one knocked it out of the park, but there definitely were some early signs of style superstars in the making.

These were the real winners of last night’s NFL draft.»

Dusting Off: The Monday Night Football Broadcasters’ Blazer


Before you read this, listen to this.

Done? Okay, good. Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, we need to talk about a very important issue confronting the United States of America this autumn in the year of our lord 2013: the complete lack of sartorial coordination among Monday Night Football announcers.

It’s a goddamn shame, and we believe it’s time to fix it. We can explain (with photos!) after the jump.»