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The Anti-Peacoat

  • Najib Benouar

If you’re expecting to find yourself anywhere as foggy as the UK in the near future, we’d like to direct you to this wool coat from the Brit minimalists at Folk that’s just landed at Hickoree’s Hard Goods.

It’ll have you covered in just about any situation where you would have reached for your peacoat this time last year, but it sticks with a single-breast and ups the ante with a shawl collar—which should have you standing out in the soon-to-be-swelling sea of double-breasted Melton wool.

And high tide is coming sooner than you might think.

The Common Folk


Folk is a bit of a curiosity on this side of the Atlantic, but if you’re passing through London any time soon, you’ll find them just about everywhere. This snap is from their newly opened Shepherd Market shop, their fourth in London. It’s a good example of why they’re worth caring about to begin with: clever, colorful twists on some of the most basic items in your wardrobe. And if you don’t have an Atlantic crossing in your near future, you can get a local taste of the goods here.

The Minimalist’s Overcoat


You might not know it from today’s swelter, but someday in the next few months, you’re going to be faced with a brisk, drizzly day that’s too wet for a blazer, too dry for an umbrella and too hot for the deep-winter parka.

And on that day, you will need something like this coat.

Designed by the hip minimalists at Folk, it’s part of the same treated cotton genus as Barbour and Belstaff, but it’s a little less impenetrable and a lot less heritage-minded. More importantly, it makes for a perfect outer layer—particularly if you leave the top strap unbuckled and show a little sweater.

And if you have a hat handy, now might be a good time to get it ready.

The Fine Print


We love a good challenge.

For instance, pulling off a massive geometric pattern without seeming like an extra in a Metropolis remake.

This denim piece in CHCM caught our eye for its post-Navajo chops, but actually wearing the thing should take quite a bit of preparation. We suggest a khaki cotton blazer and some neutral pants—possibly with a roll or two. Do it right, and you’ll have the futurist-cowboy all to yourself.

Chestnuts Roasting


It’s a classic, but the Christmas sweater has its share of issues. Bright colors and big patterns? Sure. Baggy, shapeless wool? Not so much. We’d say an update is in order.

This Folk sweater just arrived (already on sale) at Bblessing, and while the window for wearing it is probably limited to the next three weeks, we can’t help but gawk a little. A standard downtown version of the classic item would have been interesting enough, but the real prize here is the Carmen-Miranda-meets-Space-Invaders pattern running across the arms in place of the usual fair isle variant. We bet it goes great with egg nog.